Trinity Church Strategic Planning Process

With Rev. Andy Thayer now into his first full year and a full team of fantastic supporting clergy, it is now Trinity Church’s task to determine where it wants to go in its next chapter and confirm the strategies it will take to achieve this vision. The church has initiated a Strategic Planning process that will help identify and articulate our vision for the future, building on work already that has already been completed. This includes: conversations held with parish members during the rector search process, insights from staff and vestry retreats, and lengthy interviews with church staff.  The work that remains for us includes listening to each other and our Trinity stories, listening to community partners to help discern the role Trinity can play in terms of outreach and service, and thoughtful consideration of Trinity’s mission statement, values, and near-term priorities. We invite all to participate in this process.


Trinity Church Strategic Planning Process


As a part of a strategic planning process, Trinity is collecting stories of who we are and have been and visions of what we can be. Please share what Trinity means to you - how it has shaped you and how you hope it will shape you, others, and New Orleans in the future.

To submit your story, please use this form.

Strategic Planning Committee Members
  Kathy Eastman
  Maria Elliott
  Don Erwin
  Justin Fitch
  Cres Gardner
  Jerry Meunier
  Cathy Posey
  Jey Rogers
  Audra Ryes
  Andy Thayer, Rector
  Kirsten Breckinridge, Strategic Consultant


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