Disciples of Christ in Community

Explore the Heart of Christian Faith

Disciples Of Christ in Community offers a step-by-step journey into the heart and soul of Christianity.  Each session consists of a presentation for approximately 45 minutes, followed by an hour-long conversation in a small group that will stay together for the entire course.

The DOCC journey depends to a large extent on the quality of the small-group experience, and small groups depend on the regular attendance of participants. If you know you will have to miss more than two sessions, it would be best for you to wait and take the course another year.


Register for DOCC through you host church, please see the registration link below.  Call William Barnwell  (504-862-0311).


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DOCC Resources and Samples


History of DOCC

Disciples of Christ in Community is a congregational-based Christian formation program for adults that builds community while encouraging individual spiritual growth. Nationally, more than 30,000 people have completed the program. Previously DOCC was administered by the School of Theology Programs Center of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee and The Washington National Cathedral.  The program is now administered by Trinity Episcopal Church.


Transforming Literature of the Bible

Explore the Old and New Testaments

Come join us as we “plow deep” into the meaning of the great literature of the Bible. In seminars of twelve or fewer people, participants will listen to God speak through the stories that have shaped our culture and our church.

How the course works

Seventeen sessions explore the Hebrew Scripture, nineteen the Christian Testament. You may take either semester or both. Participants are given a full commentary for each session, and questions at the end of each session help participants relate the great stories and events of Scripture to their own lives and to the life of their church and their culture.

The course was developed as a follow-up to the Disciples of Christ in Community program (but DOCC is not a pre-requisite). Seminar leaders receive nine hours of training offered by Trinity. Participants need to spend two to four hours of study to prepare for each session.

Course Materials

Each participant receives The Oxford Annotated Bible, New Revised Standard Version, and volume one of Listening for God, a book of short stories and narratives that will be used as parallel reading.

Course Commentaries

The Rev. William Barnwell, who was canon missioner of the Cathedral, developed the program and wrote the course commentaries. Canon Barnwell has written three college texts published by Houghton Mifflin: Writing for a Reason, The Resourceful Writer, and Reflections: A Thematic Reader. He is also the author of Our Story According to Saint Mark and In Richard’s World: The Battle of Charleston 1966 (Houghton Mifflin). He served as an editor for “Education for Ministry” a four-year course offered by the School of Theology at the University of the South.

Course Samples

Preface and Syllabus

New Testament Session


Old Testament Session



Offer your own DOCC course

If you are interested in offering DOCC in your church or community,please contact William Barnwell at wbarnwell@trinitynola.com or 504-862-0311.


Offer your own TLB course
If you are interested in offering the Transforming Literature of the Bible (TLB) in your church or community, please contact the Rev. Canon William H. Barnwell at 504-862-0311 or wbarnwell@trinitynola.com.


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