Mission and Philosophy

Trinity Episcopal School's mission is to build confident, resilient upstanders on a foundation of academic excellence, moral responsibility, and faith who are prepared to make a positive difference in the world. 

Our School motto articulates our mission: “Challenging the Intellect, Nourishing the Spirit, Celebrating Community."  We apply the latest and best educational practices in our classrooms while also teaching care and respect for one another and our surroundings.  We have fun celebrating both the traditions and new discoveries within our community and the world.  Trinity helps to nurture a child’s mind, body, and spirit through a fun and challenging program that offers the best in the academic disciplines, taught by a skillful, experienced, and loving faculty and staff. 

 Trinity School Prayer

"O God, our heavenly father; who has given us your son Jesus Christ to be our friend and elder brother, Grant that we may continue in his friendship and do such things as will  please Him.  Bless us in our work and in our play.  Make us gentle, generous, truthful,kind, and brave.  Keep us in purity of heart, and let the life of our school go on from strength to strength and have its place and meaning in your Kingdom.  All of this we ask through the same JesusChrist our Lord.  Amen."



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