Welcome to Trinity Church!  Located in the heart of New Orleans, this beautiful historic church is home to a vital, active, growing congregation that brings together folks from all across the city.  Her history is one of excellence in preaching and music, in education for all ages, and a real commitment to transforming lives by witness to Christ Jesus and following His example of compassion, service, and commitment to the community far beyond these walls.  As New Orleans rebuilds and renews herself after Hurricane Katrina, Trinity is involved at every level in this great work.

We invite you to join us in this great opportunity.  In worship each week we give thanks to God for our lives, our opportunities, our hope.  We hear and study God's Word to be renewed and guided by God's wisdom and grace.  We offer a multitude of opportunities for service with in our parish family, and out in the wider community as well.  For the young and more mature, families of all sorts, and the great variety of souls seeking to know God, to find a community of faith, to make a difference in this great city at large, Trinity is a wonderful home.  Come join us!



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