Trinity Undoing Racism Network 

Since its formal creation by the Vestry in 2001, Trinity Undoing Racism NOW!!! (TURN) has been helping Trinity Church, as an institution, recognize and address the reality of racism as it affects Trinity and the community at large.


Through TURN we are learning to see with the eyes of Christ. As a Christian community, Trinity aspires to be an inclusive, welcoming environment, representative of the Kingdom of God. To be an inclusive, racially positive institution is to be true to Christ’s commandment and our Baptismal covenant to love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe this journey will take us there.


What does TURN do?
TURN provides oppurtinites for fellowship, as well as discussion groups, book clubs, and film nights.  Anyone is welcome to attend these events.

Training: One of TURN’s primary purposes is to offer opportunities to deepen our analysis and understanding of racism and how it functions in our lives, our church, and our society. Please call the church office to see when the next training will take place.

What is TURN’s vision?

TURN’s 20-year vision is as follows:

Called by our Christian faith and our baptismal covenant, Trinity Episcopal Church actively embraces an anti-racist identity both within our Church and in the larger community. Led by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and believing in the full humanity of God’s children of every race, ethnicity and culture, we are a church

· Where all people are respected and appreciated;

· Where there is full participation of and accountability to people of color;

· Where anti-racist, power-sharing structures, policies, and programs are intentionally implemented;

· Where we oppose structures, both overt and hidden, which are counter to God’s vision of one creation without barriers.



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© 2012 Trinity Episcopal Church