2017 Mid-Year Financial update

The first six months of the 2017 operating budget year have produced favorable results due to your generous giving, smart use of assets, and close monitoring of expenses.  Even though our stewardship receipts are slightly behind our estimated year-to-date budget, other donations and income streams have helped offset this deficit and expenses remain within their budgeted limits. This is encouraging news, but it is important to remember that approximately 65% of the total budget comes from stewardship with more than 20% of that traditionally being received in December.

Additionally, the sale of the old rectory located on Fourth Street was completed in May, and helped to fortify additional invested security to ensure Trinity's long term sustainability.  A small portion of the proceeds was used to pay off debt directly associated with the house, and an endowment for the benefit of clergy housing was created with the remainder.  This endowment not only ensures adequate housing for our rector, but also allows the operating budget, i.e. your donations, to directly fund more programs and church expenses.

Available through the links below are details of our financial results through June 30, 2017.  In addition to a report on the operating budget, you will find a link to the Trinity Church balance sheet as well.  Yes, this balance sheet shows a financially strong Church, but it is important to remember that these assets are to ensure the long and continued life of the Church.  As these assets grow, so does the mission of the Church.

For more information, please contract Treasurer Keith Crawford at klc@loftingroup.com, and consider attending one of our open financial forums on September 13 at 6:00 pm or after the 8:00 am or 10:30 am services on September 17.        


Balance Sheet

Operating Budget

2017 Budget

Audited Church Financials


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