The Heart of the Matter

As the last hymn of our 2014 graduation ceremony was sung, construction on our final Foundation for the Future project commenced.  Bishop Polk Hall is the crossroads for Trinity Church and School.  As the central gathering place for hospitality, conversation, performance and community events, Bishop Polk Hall is the very heart of our campus. 

Renovations this summer will be on a tight schedule and will include making updates to the floor (which has been there since it was built in the 60’s) walls, windows and HVAC giving us a cooler, lighter, and more gracious place to share our lives.  A new entryway and foyer will offer a welcoming access to the space from the circle drive, making it easier for visitors to find their way.  

Finally, the stage area, which is used for performances of children and adults alike, will be brought into the 21st Century with an improved sound system, theatrical lighting, and curtains.  This area is the oldest part of the hall and needed structural renovation.  The arts are an important element of our school curriculum, the TEEP program, Bible School and so many other aspects of our spiritual lives at Trinity. Bishop Polk Hall serves as a rehearsal and performance space for dozens of performances throughout the year, as a gallery for our young artists, and as a place to exchange ideas and cultural events with one another.

Would you consider offering a gift from your heart to the heart of our campus?  We need to raise an additional $500,000 this year to complete the project and ask you to consider making a gift for this purpose.  Each time you enter Bishop Polk Hall, you will know that you are an important part of what makes Trinity a place of hospitality, and center for spiritual growth and learning; a crossroads of heart, mind and spirit and the center of our lives together. Please make a gift or pledge today! We plan to be back in Bishop Polk Hall by the beginning of the school year. 




Giving Opportunities

There are so many ways you can support this campaign or other special projects of 

  Trinity Church and School.  Please call Raina O'Neil 670-2537 at the Church or Ali James 670-2550  
at Trinity School to learn how you might be involved. 

In order to make a pledge or pay your pledge, please click here.


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