Chapel and Religious Studies

Nourishing the Spirit

In First through Eighth Grades at Trinity, the day begins with our morning Chapel led by the School Chaplain and Head of School. This service allows us to come together as a community and reflect on school, local, and national issues. All students and faculty are encouraged to bring their individual prayer requests to these daily services. In Preschool, Chapel is held every Friday, and family members are welcome to come participate in this special time.

At Trinity Episcopal School, we stress the value of incorporating our beliefs into our day-to day actions. We provide places for children to raise questions and discover the myriad of dimensions pertaining to spiritual life in God. We refrain from dictating the answers or narrowing the journey to one path, but provide a safe place where children are comfortable introducing themselves to the many elements of religious life. Most importantly we strive to do so with love for each child who enters our doors.

Classes are held in religious studies for Grades One through Eighth, with instruction in Preschool being more informal. The emphasis in Lower School is on teaching the Judeo-Christian values, the stories of the Bible, and respect for each individual. In Middle School we dive deeper into both the Old and New Testaments, and also focus on world religions and ethics.

Trinity School serves its constituency by honoring its mission statement, reflecting on the Chapel experience, living the tenets of our school prayer by offering to be gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave, and learning ways to better serve our world by providing a religious curriculum that supplements the children’s core classwork.


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