Enneagram Workshop 
Seven Indicators that you are
effectively using the ENNEAGRAM
for Personal & Spiritual Growth

with Certified Enneagram teacher
Sandra Smith, MDiv

Thursday January 10, 2019
1:00-5:30 pm

Maria Elliott melliott@trinitynola.com 504-670-2535

There is a difference between learning and growing. The Enneagram System is a fascinating map of our internal processing system, our character structure complete with its preferences and patterns. We love exploring this system, learning our type and its complexities, our type’s resource points and the instinctual subtypes. Learning and deepening our self-understanding is never ending. Then what? Has my learning made a difference in my life? Because I know my type and the ways it binds and blinds me, how do I use it to expand my perspective and to shift nwanted behaviors? How have I grown personally and spiritually through understanding the intricacies of my Enneagram type? This workshop offers seven indicators to use for gauging growth work and offers space for creating strategies for real change. Self-reflection and group discussion will focus on specifics of our Enneagam type such as our defense mechanism, our world view, idealized self, filters and blind spots. Moving from contraction to expansion and from self judgement to acceptance are real markers that we’re on the path, deepening capacity for receiving and giving love. This workshop is for those with a working knowledge of the Enneagram. Cost: $95 before January 4 and $125 after January 4. You may register below. Certificates of Attendance available on request. Direct questions about this workshop to Sandra Smith at 828-808-5820 or sandracsmith@charter.net. Learn more about her at AlchemyWorksEvents.com.



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