Faculty and Staff

Below  you will find a complete listing of the Trinity Episcopal School Faculty and Staff.  By double clicking on an individual's name, you will be able to send an email directly to that person. Please feel free to contact any of us with your questions, thoughts and ideas.  We love hearing from our School community!


The Reverend E. Gary Taylor
Head of School

Beckye Taylor
Middle School Division Head

Laura T. Charbonnet
Preschool and Lower School Division Head

Steve Salvo
Assistant Head for Advancement and Enrollment

Amanda Cabral
Director of Les Enfants at Trinity

Kim Esté
Director of Communications and Special Events

Michael J. Wood
Director of Technology

Michael West
Director of Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Corrinne Mestayer
Chief Financial Officer

Ali James
Director of Development

Faculty & Staff

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A - E

Ruth Accardo
Physical Education Teacher and Coach

Robin Adams
Prekindergarten Co-Teacher

Denise Altobello
Seventh/Eighth Grade English Teacher, Humanities Department Chair

Davida Ambrose
Prekindergarten Co-Teacher

Beth Anderson
Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Mallory Avin
Seventh/Eighth Grade Math Teacher, Math Department Chair

Allie Bacqué
Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Holly Bazley
Database Manager

James Beard
Maintenance Staff

Cara Bennett
Accounts Payable Manager

Meredith Berner
First Grade Lead Teacher

Beth Biven
Third Grade Teacher

Diane Bolden
Maintenance Staff

Ashley Bond
Religious Studies Teacher

Katie Bourg
Third Grade Assisting Teacher

Jessica Bourne
Staff Accountant

Becca Chapman 
Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Margaret Chapman
First Grade Lead Teacher

Meredith Claiborne
Prekindergarten Lead Teacher

Sandy Cobert
Accounts Receivable/Student Billing

Meg Coffin
Fifth/Sixth Grade English Teacher, Fifth/Sixth Team Leader

Chris Core
Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher and Coach

Sandy Courvoisier
Photography Teacher and Staff Photographer

Elizabeth Crawford
Publications, Layout, and Design Editor

Lexi Daly
First Grade Computer Lab and Reading Teacher

Melissa DeRussy
Lower School Math Facilitator

Lori Despaux
Lower School Reading Specialist

Rhonda Dumas
Third Grade Lead Teacher

Ian Dutcher
Maintenance Staff

Coco Edmond
Faculty Nursery Caregiver

Ray Evanoff
Fourth Grade Assisting Teacher


F - J

Jeanne Faucheux
Middle School Learning Support Specialist and MASH Coordinator

Lauren Faucheux
Technology Integration Coach

Gabriella Frank
Human Resources Director

Richard Gram
Security Staff

Cameron Hadskey
Second Grade Assisting Teacher, Assistant to the Middle School Division Head

Eric Haché
Lower School French Teacher, Foreign Language Department Chair

Bobby Hadzor

Nikki Herrera
Faculty Nursery Caregiver

Teri Hunter
Preschool Learning Specialist

Jan Hutchison
Art Teacher, Co-Chair Fine Arts Department

Willie Jackson
Maintenance Staff

Titine Janes
Prekindergarten Lead Teacher


K - O

Susu Kearney
Art Teacher

Mittie Kelleher
Business Office Administrative Assistant

Katherine St. Eve Koerner
Third Grade Assisting Teacher

Hallie Marie Kuhn
Assistant to Division Heads

Linh Le
Assistant to the Head of School

Annette Lloyd
Maintenance Staff

Janice Mackey
Faculty Nursery Caregiver

Lisa Magee
Physical Education Teacher and Coach

Michelle McCarthy
School Librarian

Michele Miller
Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Rachal Moriarty
First Grade Co-Teacher

Brian Mull
Innovaton and Learning Design Coordinator

Stephanie Newell
Faculty Nursery Caregiver and Cottage Staff

Emily Oertling
Preschool Music Teacher and Lower School Reading Teacher


P - T

Martha Panzeca
Second Grade Assisting Teacher

Heather Patterson
School Counselor

Grace Perez 
Middle School Spanish Teacher

Elizabeth Peyton
First Grade Co-Teacher

Paul Pierce
Security Staff

Penny Pirri
Third Grade Lead Teacher

Jeffrey Pounds
School Organist

Dave Protti
Seventh/Eighth Science Teacher, Seventh/Eighth Team Leader,
Science Department Chair

Danielle Richard
Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Audra Ryes
Fifth/Sixth Grade Science Teacher

Anaïs St. John
Music Teacher and Middle School Bells and Choir Director

Kalpana Saxena
Lower School Reading Specialist and Storyteller

Sarah Schmitt
Middle School French Teacher

Kris Shaw
Middle School Drama Teacher, Bells Choir Director, and Co-Chair Fine Arts Department 

Sarah Shourbaji
Second Grade Lead Teacher

Erin Singer
Lower School Learning Specialist

Kevin Smith
Seventh/Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher

Andy Smothermon
Physical Education Teacher and Coach

Anné Stackel
Second Grade Lead Teacher

Blainey Kern Stander
Art Teacher

Gloria Starks
Maintenance Staff

Virginia Stewart
Admission Officer and Registrar

Julie Trabeaux
First Grade Assisting Teacher 

Louise Tranchin
Fifth and Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Julie Tresca
Fifth and Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher


U - Z

Tonya Veal
Maintenance Staff

Kristy Webb
School Nurse

Mary Williams
School Receptionist and ASAP Coordinator

Juwanda Williams
Director of The Cottage

Ivory Wilson
Maintenance Staff

Danielle Winfield
Kindergarten Co-Teacher

John Woods
Security Staff

Perla Zimmermann
Middle School Spanish Teacher, Foreign Language Department Chair


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